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The Console Collection

Welcome to The Console Collection! While I do like to collect old computers, I also like to collect and fix up consoles. Here you will find all the consoles that I currently own, both home and handheld. I will also have a linked video if I have one about the console. These are listed in the oldest console to the newest.

Click the title of the item to go to the video.

The oldest console I own by far, and the star of the first Time Travel video. The Game Boy was a huge success when it came out in 1989, despite having competitors with much more powerful hardware. I grew up playing Game Boy games (although not on this console, I had the Game Boy Color, which I kind of wish I still had). I actually own 2 of these at the moment and may or may not sell one of them soon (I have a few videos planned involving 2 Game Boys :D). I own the original manuals and Tetris, the game bundled with the system.

This is the oldest home console I own. The SNES came out in 1991 and had a really long lifespan due to its technical innovations and ability to stay afloat during the 32-bit age, even though it was only a 16-bit console. I have done a couple videos on this system, including restoring the plastic from yellow to white, and a Time Travel episode. I have recently acquired a few more games for it, and have it set up as a working console on a TV.

The Dreamcast is, in my opinion, one of the coolest consoles ever made. Even though I never really played many Sega games, I always thought that the Dreamcast was just a cool concept and idea. It was the first console to do a lot of things for the industry. It had a large focus on online multiplayer and the Internet, which had not really been done in a mainstream console before. Although it was innovative, it was overshadowed by the PlayStation 2 a few years later, which ultimately put Sega's hardware division out of business.

The GameCube had a lot of firsts for Nintendo. It used optical disks, had some network features, and had a huge upgrade in speed and graphics. This is one of my favorite consoles, and the one that I own the most games for. I own most of the launch titles, all of the Mario Party games, and a few other interesting games that got their start on the GameCube (like Pikmin and Animal Crossing). I would recommend watching the videos that me and HDPixel did, as we went really in-depth about the console's history.

The Nintendo DS was another console that was a huge hit when it was unveiled. Nintendo fans were amazed by the use of 2 screens and power that the console had when it was shown at e3 2004. I got this at a thrift store for $5, and the battery still shows a full charge! This was another console that me and HDPixel did a 2 part mini-series on, so if you want to see those, click on the title of this listing.

Nintendo DS Lite

The DS Lite was Nintendo's first attempt at upgrading the DS line. It was very successful at fixing the shortcomings of the original, making it lighter, thinner, and adding a back light. I actually owed this console before getting the original DS. 

Nintendo 3DS XL

The 3DS XL is the newest console I own. I got it about 2 years ago, primarily for the upcoming release of Super Smash Bros. I have gotten a few of the Nintendo titles for it, including Pokémon Y, and NES Remix, and have to say I still enjoy using this today. I have not made a video on it yet, but I could get around to it!

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