Michael MJD

Privacy Policy

Google Analytics

I use Google Analytics to keep track of website visitors, and stats about those visitors. These stats may include things such as the type of browser being used, the operating system being used, and what country the site is being accessed from. This information is collected by Google merely so that I can understand where web traffic to this site is coming from, and what type of demographic is most interested in my site.

Refer to the Google Analytics privacy policy for more information.

Want to opt-out of Google Analytics data collection? You can do so here.


I use CloudFlare to better secure and optimize my website to create an overall better experience for users. CloudFlare keeps a log of users who have visited the site to provide me with site stats and to protect the site against harmful threats.

Refer to the CloudFlare privacy policy for more information.

Google AdSense

Just like on my YouTube videos, I run ads on this site to help pay for some of the operating costs. Currently, there is only one ad set to display at the bottom of the screen below the footer.

Refer to the Google AdSense privacy policy for more information